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Samsung Q30 Centrino review

Samsung Q30 Centrino Ultra Slim Notebook

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More Than Just A Skin-deep Visual Treat

More Than Just A Skin-deep Visual Treat

Having immersed in the notebook's good build quality, color scheme and styling, much of what's left to explore now falls on the overall usability of the Q30. For this, we'll need to turn to the input devices, the LCD panel and audio quality.

Diagonally spread across its 12.1-inch LCD is more than 980,000 pixels that are capable of pushing a color depth of 32-bit at a native WXGA resolution. Aided by a layer of reflective material, the glare type widescreen ratio provided a bright but vibrant visual panel that was superb for viewing movies. Contrast ratio was quite high with black areas properly darkened to accurately depict the tone of certain scenes. Audio on the other hand, was not quite up to the task in delivering a stirring movie session. Not even the usually high treble expected from speakers of this caliber was staged to drive dialogues perceptibly.

Small notebooks don't necessarily have to skimp on typing functionality. As pointed out by the Q30, careful planning of the limited space on an ultra portable notebook can and will most certainly yield accommodation for a full-sized keyboard. The IBM X40 is the best case study to demonstrate this and up till now, no other notebook has come close to matching its size and comfort. For the Q30 at least, Samsung has managed a keyboard that's very worthy of a mention with its tactile feedback and soft keys that are bound to please many.