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Samsung SGH-i900 Omnia review

Samsung Omnia - Wishing for Everything

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Wishing Upon a Samsung

Ask if this has been a good year for tech enthusiasts, and the general answer might have been a firm yes. As with each year, there have been some hits and misses over the past few months, but mostly hits, in our humble opinion. Leaving CommunicAsia 2008 behind and continuing with our daily lookout for the latest mobile devices, we worked on our promise to deliver a hard-hitting review for the most sought after devices that made its debut at the annual communications device tradeshow. To that end, we present another Windows Mobile device from the Samsung production line, and there's no secret involved here: it's the Samsung Omnia we're talking about (model number i900). Just two months after we saw the popularly priced Samsung SGH-i780 making its way into the consumers' hearts, we now have another Windows Mobile device from the Korean manufacturing giant, and to top it off, another debutant of the Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional operating system (OS). Lest we bore you with more talk about the Omnia, let's start our review proper with the usual specification overview of the device, and ready yourself for what the Omnia has to offer.