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Samsung NX10 Hybrid Camera review

Samsung NX10 Hybrid Camera - A Small Winner

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Overall rating 9/10
Sturdy body with clean button layout
Intuitive menus
Good noise performance
Seamless switch from LVF to EVF
AF doesn't work well on close-ups
Hand grip is slightly small
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Most Innovative Product



After what seemed like forever, the recent Micro Four Thirds segment came along to finally patch up the rift that existed between compacts and DSLR cameras. As technology progressed to take better photos and enable cameras to be more user friendly, the demand for cameras is inching ever higher and we don't see that changing anytime soon. In fact, as casual consumers get more educated with the ways of photography, they are increasingly demanding smaller and lighter compact-like cameras armed with the capabilities of a DSLR (bigger sensors, interchangeable lens,etc). The Micro Four Thirds system couldn't have come at a better time.

So what makes Micro Four Third cameras an almost perfect mix to serve this growing need? To recap: they come with mirror-less bodies which makes them not only smaller, but more compact. The only major drawbacks are a) the viewfinder is no longer optical due to the removal of the mirrors and b) they come with sensors that are about 30 to 40% smaller than those in DSLR cameras which as we all know translates to more noise in photos. Nonetheless, they were welcome additions for photography enthusiasts as they were presented with more options besides the heavy and bulky DSLRs.

But don't be mislead by our Micro Four Thirds discussion here as the camera in question today, the Samsung NX10, is not exactly using this system, but rather, a more developed evolution of the former. Technology has allowed makers to delve even further into the psyche of photography enthusiasts, upping the bar with "hybrid" cameras that not only boast the same APS-C sensor size as cropped DSLRs but also maintain the lightweight bodies behind the Micro Four Thirds system cameras. That means less digital noise than the Micro Four Thirds cameras. The new Samsung NX10 is one such hybrid camera and we give you our impression of it in the following few pages. Hit on the specs tab if you want to absorb the camera tech specs before continuing.