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Samsung Galaxy Beam review

Samsung Galaxy Beam - Projecting With a Smartphone

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Overall rating 8.5/10
Good projector performance with well-suited apps
Extremely responsive UI
Great battery life
Beautiful 3.7-inch Super AMOLED display
Samsung UI features that cannot be disabled mar the Android experience
Bulky physical appearance
Decidedly average multimedia capabilities

Overview & Design

Big Handphone, Small Projector

Pico projectors made the headlines a few years back, but then, who would have thought even these could actually be condensed into the size of a mobile phone? Thanks to Samsung, the concept of pico projectors that retain not only the shape and size but the capabilities of a handphone have materialized in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Beam. Aptly dubbed as a smart projector phone, the Android-based device has quite a few bells and whistles under its ambitious belt. Though the phone is a bit thick, but hey it has a built-in projector!

The phone generally feels quite plasticky - both front and back. The front is mainly taken up by its large 3.7-inch Super AMOLED screen with two touch-sensitive buttons flanking a physical home button. Surrounding this screen is a metallic and glossy dull blue border that seems a little out of place for a serious smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy Beam. Thankfully, the rest of the phone is cloaked in black - including the main body and its glossy checkered back cover. With dimensions of 123 x 59.8 x 14.9mm and weighing in at 150g, the device is definitely bulkier and heavier than most of the slim smartphones out in the market. Here are a couple of photos shot side-by-side with the Samsung Galaxy S, the thinnest Android phone thus far, to give the readers some perspective:



With regards to button placements, the Samsung Galaxy Beam retains some of the Galaxy S' quirks. For example, an inconspicuous power button, but it adds a few other necessary controls on both the left and right profiles. These additional buttons contribute to the usage of the projector capabilities. Other than that and a few cosmetic differences, the phone pretty much resembles the Galaxy S from top view.