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Samsung 55-inch D8000 LED TV review

Samsung 55-inch D8000 LED TV - Top Notch HD

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Overall rating 8/10
3D Performance:
HD Performance:
SD Performance:
Excellent HD performance
Smart Hub feature greatly expands functionality
Clean user interface and several customization options
New Quad stand does not provide adequate stability
SD performance is unimpressive
3D performance not up to mark

Introduction and Features

The New Centerpiece for a Smart Life

This is the time of the year when new television models hit the retail shelves and after covering the Samsung launch event we had the opportunity to test out the D8000 LED 3D TV from their refreshed lineup. The new TVs are meant to be the center piece of ‘Smart Living’ by virtue of their ability to sync with other popular Samsung products such as the Galaxy Tab and the Galaxy S smartphone, along with being fitted with a whole host of other features that we'll soon touch on.

With the Samsung D8000’s good looks, we have no qualms making this TV the focal point of our living room. An ultra-slim, 5mm brushed metal aluminum bezel makes the LED screen’s design modern, minimalist and contemporary. A quad stand has been introduced to the design but it has not solved the stability issue generally found with Samsung TVs. Sadly, this model remains wobbly as well and our advice is to not disturb the TV once it's set in place.

Keeping up with the anorexic standards set by today’s models, the D8000 measures in at just 30mm deep. The slim profile is achieved with the help of breakout cables for some of the ports situated at the back. Three USB ports provide evidence of Samsung’s desire to make this TV the hub for your tech lifestyle.

Besides improving its physical design, even the software based user interface has also been cleaned up. The simple, central menu presentation blocks out most of  the screen, but ensures full focus is on the menus when it is brought up. With just three levels of nesting, and simple language we found that menu was very user-friendly and even inviting for those who do not usually fiddle with TV settings.