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Samsung 46-inch D7000 LED TV review

Samsung 46-inch D7000 3D LED TV - Smart Screen

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Overall rating 8.5/10
3D Performance:
HD Performance:
SD Performance:
Impressive HD and SD performance
Sleek and stylish design
Extensive Smart Hub features
Improved 3D display
Patchy backlights

Blu-ray, DVD and 3D Tests

Video Playback Tests


HD Tests

Corpse Bride (Blu-ray) -  On the upside, Samsung's D7000 is clearly capable of lively details and lifelike images during HD playback. Its attention to detail is quite astounding. We also noticed that judder has been reduced on this model but not emphatically. Still, the panel remained as a victim to its backlights' inconsistencies. For example, shadow details were apparently compromised in some instances, especially on darker backdrops such as an early scene involving Victor and Victoria shown below. Samsung's new Motion Lighting feature didn't alleviate the situation, although enabling its Dynamic Contrast and reducing its backlights down to 10 did help improve black levels on the whole. 

Vantage Point (Blu-ray) - Without its picture enhancements, the D7000 has the tenacity for pin-sharp pictures which makes it easy to identify onscreen details. On the flip side, the overall picture quality possessed a "hazy" treatment with generally murky blacks. In short, the overall image was bright but distinctly lacked a visual punch. Enabling some of Samsung's enhancements helped improved things by a bit, such as pushing the TV's Black Tone up to Darker and Dynamic Contrast to Low. This model has a native frame rate of 200Hz, and the good news is enabling its LED Motion Plus (600Hz) backlight scanning and frame interpolation feature did not create any motion artifacts which Vantage Point is infamous for.


Advanced configurations used for Blu-ray playback
Function Recommended Settings
Black Tone Darker
Dynamic Contrast Low
Shadow Detail -2
Gamma 0
Expert Pattern Off
RGB Only Mode Off 
Color Space Native
Gamma Medium 
Flesh Tone 1
Edge Enhancement Off
Motion Lighting Off
LED Motion Plus Off


SD Test

X-Men: The Last Stand (DVD) - As anticipated, the D7000 came up tops when handling SD material. The TV's video processor coped well with de-interlacing and scaling tasks without giving rise to unwanted artifacts. Noise and pixaltion were also nicely evened out. As noted in our Blu-ray tests, however, we'd advise you to retain certain enhancements such as Black Tone and Dynamic Contrast to improve black levels against the backlight bleeds. Even so, it was almost impossible to attain pitch black letterbox bars without reducing the image to a an incoherent black mess. There was also minimal judder occurrences without resorting to using its LED Motion Plus perk. 



3D Test

Monsters vs Aliens (Blu-ray) - Samsung has made minor changes to this year's 3D hardware, and that includes accessories such as its SSG-3700CR active-shutter glasses. Embedded with RF and Bluetooth capabilities, the new designer 3D glasses are notably lighter, more chic, and can be recharged via USB as well. As for the TV's 3D performance, it is without a doubt Samsung has made vast improvements to their 3D technology since last year's line-up. Crosstalk is almost banished for good on the D7000, although minor judder may prevail with certain fast moving scenes. Picture quality is crisp for the most part, with a fair amount of depth and generous viewing angle to boot. Most picture settings are disabled when in 3D mode, such as LED Motion Plus. Brightness is also automatically boosted (to 100) to compensate for the shutter-glasses' dimming effect.