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Samsung 46-inch D7000 LED TV review

Samsung 46-inch D7000 3D LED TV - Smart Screen

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Overall rating 8.5/10
3D Performance:
HD Performance:
SD Performance:
Impressive HD and SD performance
Sleek and stylish design
Extensive Smart Hub features
Improved 3D display
Patchy backlights

Design & Features

Samsung Series 7 3D LED TV - Sleek Styling



In many ways, Samsung's 46-inch Series 7 D7000 looks much like a clone of its larger D8000 sibling we've reviewed sometime in May. They both tout a similar ultra slim "One Design" bezel, a freakishly thin profile, and the same metallic quad-leg stand. For these reasons, we won't delve too deeply into the D7000's design aspects, but rather, we'll just provide you with the main gist of this display's build and AV connectivity. If you'd like a more intimate look at this LED edge-lit model, check out the photos below before we touch on its Smart Hub and features, which again, is almost a direct replica of the D8000. You may also refer to our 55-inch Series 8 D8000 review if you'd like to make a comparison between the Series 8 and Series 7. 



Samsung's Smart Hub platform is the nerve center for its "smart" applications (a key component of a Smart TV platform), with a home screen divided into various categories. For example, installed apps are stashed under the Recommended and lowermost 'windows'. Do note you'll require a Samsung SmartTV ID to access social media portals, such as Facebook or Twitter via the Social TV app. Samsung's online app store, otherwise known as Samsung Apps, can be found in the top right window. With Samsung's recently forged alliance with Singtel, you can now tap into the Singtel Video Search and Singtel Video Store services to watch Asian and international film content. The newly added Explore 3D service also enables you to watch trailers and documentaries in 3D for free. The web browser wasn't as responsive as we hoped it would be, and it appears that Flash support is still lacking.