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Ruckus MediaFlex NG Wireless Multimedia Router review

Ruckus MediaFlex NG 802.11b/g Wireless Multimedia Router

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The name Ruckus Wireless will probably not ring any bells for the old school networking circles, but they are the company that created the MIMO antenna technology used in NETGEAR's RangeMax series of routers, specifically the RangeMax WPN 824. Founded in 2004, Ruckus Wireless claims its name to fame by the development of MediaFlex, the 'world's first in-home wireless multimedia system'. It is this technology that Ruckus licenses to NETGEAR. However, they also produce their own set of MediaFlex branded products; a small selective product line up, which consists of a router, access point, gateway and adapter, all specifically designed for multimedia environments. Of course, there is no one stopping you from using them in a traditional data network as well.

In this review, we test drive the Ruckus MediaFlex NG Multimedia Wireless Router to see just how well Ruckus' vaunted BeamFlex technology actually holds up in a heavy interference office environment like ours. While the technology and the product itself isn't exactly spanking new in the wireless market, Ruckus' products have a certain coolness factor attached to them that we believe is worth a look at, especially if you're still divided on dropping your hard earned cash in the still-draft 802.11n products.