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Razer Ferox Mobile Gaming and Music Speakers review

Razer Ferox Mobile Gaming and Music Speakers - Round Mound of Sound

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Overall rating 7.5/10
360-degree omnidirectional sound
Extended battery life
Good Design and looks
Limited reproduction of bass
Notes lack attack

The Verdict

The Verdict

As with everything Razer does, the Ferox is a well-thought out and well-executed mini-speaker. The design, look and feel are classic traits of Razer with the Ferox coming out looking extremely good . The form factor emphasizes portability while little features like the LED battery life indicator and the push-to-power-up mechanism most definitely enhances the cool factor and sets the speakers apart from its competitors.

Features such as the 360-degree omnidirectional sound paints a richer and fuller soundstage, while the optimized digital amplification offers extended battery life that lasted up to 9 hours of usage without dying during our trial runs. These are aspects targeted to appeal directly to gamers and the Ferox  embraces them in its tiny package.

Test Type Score
CD Testing 7.5
MP3 Testing 7.5
Movies (DVD) Testing 8
Game Testing 8
Overall Audio Performance 7.5

As a portable mini-speaker set, the Ferox does a good job of presenting a sound stage that is warm and well-rounded. They however falter in reproducing good bass notes but that is to be expected from its miniature size and puny 30mm drivers. The lack of attack is a drawback when listening to orchestral music and takes away from percussive sounds, but it is a plus when gaming for extended periods of time where repeated audio notes or special effects like gun fire can be expected. Overall, seeing that the Razer Ferox was targeted specifically at gamers needing a small and portable audio solution, the performance was certainly acceptable .

Unfortunately, priced at US$59.99, the Razer Ferox is significantly more expensive than its competitors. But with an extremely long battery life and a unique soundstage produced by the cylindrical speakers, it does offer quality gaming audio and immense portability for those with these specific needs.