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ASUS EAH4890 Formula review

Racing Pedigree - ASUS EAH4890 Formula

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The ASUS EAH4890 Formula 1GB GDDR5

The ASUS EAH4890 Formula 1GB GDDR5

First off, let's talk clock speeds. The ASUS EAH4890 Formula is clocked at 900MHz for the core and 4000MHz DDR at the memory. This is quite modest, considering a stock card is clocked at 850MHz for the core and 3900MHz DDR for the memory.

That aside, it is probably the most unique looking card we've seen, thanks to its Formula 1-inspired design. The cooler casing, if you haven't noticed, is shaped to resemble a Formula 1 car. This is not just pure aesthetics, however, as ASUS claims that the design was conceived with aerodynamics in mind and that it improves air flow by up to 7%. Furthermore, the cooler has been given ASUS' proprietary Micro Surface Treatment, which aids heat dissipation by up to 14%. We'll definitely be looking forward to see how cool this card runs.

Here are photos of the card for you to gawk at.