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IKONIK Ra X10 Liquid review

Ra for Radical - IKONIK Ra X10 Liquid

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When it made its debut at Computex 2008, show-goers were wowed and stunned by its futuristic looks. While the insignia of Ra on the casing does look as if it was inspired by ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, that's just about the only thing about this casing that shares any connection with Ra or Egyptian culture. That's because its extensive use of brushed and diamond-blasted aluminum makes it look more as if it came from a sci-fi movie set. In short, the Ra X10 Liquid looks very much ahead of its time and we love it.

Despite its immense mass, the IKONIK Ra X10 Liquid was surprisingly light, relatively speaking of course. For that, we have to thank IKONIK's decision to use only aluminum in the casing's construction. Yes, no nasty SECC steel thank you very much. There are some bits of plastic here and there of course, which is unavoidable. Even so, the plastics used are of high quality, as they don't convey the usual cheap "plasticky" feel that you get from some other casings. Overall, the build quality of the Ra X10 Liquid is top-notch.