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Canon PIXMA Pro9500 Mark II review

Professional Photo Printing with the Canon PIXMA Pro9500 Mark II

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Performance & Conclusion


The Pro9500 Mark II is serious about black and white printing with three dedicated monochrome inks. While a combination of CMYK inks should suffice for B&W photos on less sophisticated models, the varying levels of grays in those prints are produced from a mixture of colors and thus the final printout may not be purely black and white. Furthermore, using color inks to produce black and white prints isn't exactly cost effective. With the Gray, Matte Black and Photo Black inks on the Canon PIXMA Pro9500 Mark II, you'll be assured of the integrity of your black and white photos.

And gorgeous those black and white photo prints were from our tests, as well as the full color photo prints. The colors were immaculate, the details precise and the pictures exuded vibrancy. We were surprised that the printer even showed us nuances of our test photos that we hadn't even noticed before.

Printing in sizes below A3 is business as normal, feeding paper from the rear tray. Printing at A3 and A3+ requires some re-adjustment of the front feeding tray, which takes some figuring out as the software instructions aren't too clear. As mentioned, the paper will feed through to the back so it never gets bent while printing.

The Pro9500 Mark II has frequent cleaning cycles; this is done to prevent the inks from settling and clogging the nozzles. What you'll notice are pauses in-between prints and the printer shaking the table a little - this is actually a good thing to wait for as it helps lengthen the lifespan of your inks and ensures quality of print.

While photo prints are immaculate, the document prints suffer from slowness. Even though the quality is also flawless, we doubt that many would want to wait near eight minutes for a ten page print. Besides, that's not what this printer was designed for. At the same time, using this class of printer for printing documents strikes us as overkill; rather like driving the new Ferrari to get your groceries. One more thing: the Pro9500 Mark II is amazingly quiet as a mouse when printing.

Print Speeds
Task Timing
10 A4 pages of black text (doc) 8 min 22 sec
10 A4 pages of text with colored graphics (doc) 8 min 30 sec
8 A4 pages of text with mono graphics (pdf) 7 min 6 sec
One 4R Photodisc photo (bordered) 1 min 38 sec
One 4R Photodisc photo (borderless) 2 min 2 sec
One 4R grayscale photo (bordered) 1 min 35 sec
One 4R grayscale photo (borderless) 1 min 58 sec
One A4 Photodisc photo (bordered) 4 min 30 sec
One A4 Photodisc photo (borderless) 5 min 04 sec
One A4 grayscale photo (bordered) 4 min 17 sec
One A4 grayscale photo (borderless) 4 min 56 sec
One A3+ Photodisc photo (bordered) 8 min 22 sec
One A3+ Photodisc photo (borderless) 9 min
One A3+ grayscale photo (bordered) 8 min 48 sec
One A3+ grayscale photo (borderless) 8 min 20 sec

For print tasks, timing started when the printer started to feed paper and stopped when the last page was printed. 80gsm A4 paper was used for document printing. Documents were printed with quality set at Normal. Photos were printed with Fine Art Paper Premium Matte and Photo Paper Pro Platinum with quality at Normal. Timings may vary with different system configurations.


While the Canon PIXMA Pro9500 Mark II is as good as it gets for photo printing at home with its excellent quality, it can be a pricey proposition. The printer itself is S$1299 with each ink cartridge at S$24.90 and it runs 10 different inks. Like other inkjet printers, it won't work with even just one cartridge missing, so you'll have to keep all 10 freshly stocked. But in the end, you do get what you pay for with top quality prints.