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Samsung Galaxy S review

Preview: Samsung Galaxy S

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Overall rating 8.5/10
Slim and tasteful (if plasticky) design
Beautiful, large 4-inch Super AMOLED display
1GHz Hummingbird processor has power to spare
Extremely responsive UI and great battery life
Built-in social networking support is too basic
Samsung UI features that cannot be disabled mar the Android experience
Lack of physical search button

Preview: Samsung Galaxy S

A Very Familiar Face

Samsung made the official announcement of its first Google Android 2.1 device at this year's CTIA event. Dubbed as the Samsung Galaxy S, this new Android device is bundled with loads of hardware and software features that will surely impress even the most discerning mobile user. That list includes a 1GHz processor, Samsung's Super AMOLED that has appeared on the Samsung Wave, and features such as Social Hub within.

Thanks to the folks at Samsung, we got some hands-on time with an early unit of the Galaxy S. As we unboxed the Galaxy S, it did strike a familiar chord with us. We couldn't help but put a side-by-side comparison. Like always, we believe the pictures will do the talking for us. Just in case though, the Galaxy S is either the left or the top, depending on the orientation of the following images.

By the way, if it's still not obvious (which is very unlikely), we can't help but notice the similarities between the Samsung Galaxy S and the Apple iPhone. The borders, the interface, and right down to the placement of its camera, without flash, might we add. But similarities aside, the Galaxy S does have some unique features, and all that will be covered very soon in our preliminary findings. Check back soon as we report our findings after our trials.