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Gigabyte GA-965G-DS3 review

Preview: Gigabyte GA-965G-DS3 (Intel G965)

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Last month, we reviewed and raved about Gigabyte's mainstream Broadwater motherboard, the excellent GA-965P-DS3 for its down to earth price, sound engineering and incredible overclocking potential. The GA-965P-DS3 is one of those rare motherboards that will not only be sought after by enthusiasts all over, but suited equally well for the mainstream market segment.

Now as we all know, Intel's Broadwater lineup also includes a brand new onboard graphics chipset, the G965. Though the discreet P965 has made its appearance in the market first, the G965 has been garnering some hype of its own due to Intel's latest incarnation of its Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) integrated graphics onboard - the GMA X3000. Today, we bring you a special double preview not only of the GMA X3000, but one of the first G965 motherboards to reach our labs.

Gigabyte's GA-965G-DS3 is basically an identical twin to the GA-965P-DS3 in all aspects of features, design and layout. The difference of course is in the chipset.