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Foxconn X38A review

Preview - Foxconn X38A (Intel X38 Chipset)

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An X38 First - Foxconn X38A Motherboard

An X38 First - Foxconn X38A Motherboard

As the date draws ever closer to the launch of the Intel's X38 chipset, motherboard manufacturers have been busy getting their boards retail ready. Promising true, full-speed dual PCIe x16 slot configuration, the chipset will be the first from Intel to actually feature proper dual-GPU support (as opposed to the regular PCIe x16/x4 solution of their past chipsets). In addition, the X38 will also be the first core logic chipset to support the PCI Express 2.0 specifications. As the most advanced consumer core logic chipset from Intel to date, the X38 is also the most anticipated by the community.

By now, you've probably seen all the major upcoming boards in the market from this year's CeBIT and Computex coverages, but we happen to actually have a Foxconn X38 motherboard on hand to give you a closer preview of what to expect. For a high-end motherboard, the Foxconn X38A looks deceivingly subtle, with no fancy cooling or elaborate technology claims to be seen. The board we received came with the standard turbine cooler design that Foxconn has been using on their boards since the beginning of the year. What's surprising though is the fact that the X38A comes with a hybrid memory configuration. We had initially expected all X38 motherboards, servicing the high-end community, to exclusively feature DDR3 memory. Simply by looking at the board's specifications and design, we get the feeling that Foxconn is targeting maximum exposure for the X38A instead of locking it out as an enthusiast-only board, which would be a really good thing...if it turned out to be the case.