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PowerColor Radeon X1650 XT 256MB review

PowerColor Radeon X1650 XT 256MB

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The oft quoted saying - 'There are lies, damn lies and statistics' is commonly used to argue against the use of statistics. Yet it is true that we now live in a number crunching society, where people are so accustomed to seeing 'hard facts and numbers' paraded to support their causes that they may fall prey to numbers that have been spun to suggest the wrong conclusions. When used properly, statistics do serve an important purpose of stripping away our innate prejudices and assumptions and giving us just the facts. Those are the times when they confirm our gut feelings.

For instance, how many of us genuinely believe that ATI is doing great in the graphics business at the moment? Our guess is that even the most hardcore ATI supporter would know that it has been playing catch up for most of this generation's hardware. Only recently have the red team managed to restore some parity and even a slight price performance advantage for some segments. But the market is unforgiving and slow to react so latest sales statistics for the third quarter of the year continue to reflect NVIDIA gaining at the expense of ATI in the crucial mobile and discrete segments.

With the high-end crown seized by NVIDIA, ATI's hopes of salvaging anything for the year lie in their revamped products released in the past few months. One of them is the Radeon X1650 XT 256MB, which is looking like a rather decent competitor to the GeForce 7600 GT. Today, we have PowerColor's mildly overclocked version to add some spark to the red team. Here is its box packaging: