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Pioneer XW-NAS5 iPod Audio System review

Pioneer XW-NAS5 iPod Audio System - Brutish & Powerful

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Audio Pioneers

Founded in 1938 as a radio and speaker repair shop, Pioneer has now evolved into a consumer electronics giant well-known for pioneering several key advancements in consumer electronics, such as the world’s first component car stereo and world’s first DVD-R drive, amongst many others. And although the company has recently pulled out of the TV manufacturing business, they remain very active on the audio front.

And if recent indications are anything to go by, no AV system is complete these days without an iPod or an iPhone dock. And rightly so, considering close to 300 million iPods and iPhones have been sold worldwide thus far, and with Apple slated to sell millions more this year. To address this, Pioneer has introduced a new line-up of iPod/iPhone certified audio systems to cater to this new generation of iPod and iPhone-wielding consumers.

Of the new models introduced, the XW-NAS5 is the range-topper, and it features a 2.1-channel full-range speaker system with downward firing subwoofer and Pioneer’s Advanced Sound Retriever technology in a compact, stylish form factor. Primarily, it is Pioneer’s own “über dock”, targeted at well-heeled individuals who want only the best to complement their iPods and iPhones.