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Philips Fidelio Primo DS9/10 Docking Station review

Philips Fidelio Primo DS9/10 Docking Station - Reclined Resplendence

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Overall rating 9/10
Excellent performance and soundstage
Allows for iPad docking
Affordable price point and great value
Lacks common features and controls
Speakers are hefty and bulky for an audio dock

Test Setup

Expectations Expectations

The Philips Fidelio Primo DS9/10 is an upgrade on the old DS9 model from when the Philips lineup was refreshed back in June 2011. We have had the Philips Fidelio Primo DS9000, from the older range, in our labs before and it impressed us greatly with its performance. In fact, the old Fidelio DS9000 was the winner of  the HWM and Hardwarezone.com Tech Awards Editor's Choice 2011 for the Best Speaker Docking System category. While the Philips Fidelio Primo DS9/10 is not in the same league as the DS9000 with respect to price, can this smaller docking station live up to the Fidelio name? That's what we intend to find out.


Test Setup 

Our usual test material consists of a wide selection of content and formats. Not only do we test our speakers with MP3s, but we also see how they handle CD and DVD quality audio. However, since the Philips Fidelio Primo DS9/10 is a docking station we restricted ourselves to content we could load up on our iPod Classic (160GB). The selection of MP3 and CD quality tracks span across different genres such as acoustic, jazz, orchestral, trance and movie sound effects to good idea of the speaker dock's audio capabilities.

Retaining a neutral approach is essential when reviewing audio devices, so as always we have tried our best to leave our own personal preferences at the door before commencing our tests in our quiet room. Still, we can only give you our point of view as everyone's personal preferences may vary and you'll have to let your own ears be the judge when auditioning for an ideal audio product.

CD Audio Track Testing:

  • Pod Race Scene from Phantom Menace
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex Sound Effects from Jurassic Park
  • Theme from Jurassic Park
  • Apollo 13 Lift-off Sound Effects
  • Theme from Cutthroat Island
  • Fanfare for Louis, performed by the Dallas Wind Symphony


MP3 Audio Track Testing:

  • Hotel California - Eagles
  • Sail on Soothsayer - Buckethead
  • Melt My Heart to Stone - Adele
  • Elements of Life - Tiesto