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Philips 46PFL6605/98 LCD TV review

Philips 46PFL6605D LCD TV - Pretty as a Picture

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Overall rating 9/10
HD Performance:
SD Performance:
Vibrant Colors
Impressive HD & SD Visuals
Useful Ambilights
Dependent on Manual Picture Adjustments


Mood Lighting

Philips Electronics is hardly as aggressive in their marketing campaigns as their Korean or Japanese rivals. Then again, that doesn't mean they are lacking in the stereoscopic or LED-backlit offerings within their HDTV arsenal. For their 3D segment, Philips has since coughed up the Cinema 9955 model (with 21:9 aspect) and 3D-ready 8000 series. In the 2D camp, sits the fresh 6000 suite powered by Philips "LED Pro" technology. In other words, direct LEDs with local dimming. For their latest range, Philips has ramped up the number of locally dimmable areas from 128 to 224 segments bearing the "LED Pro" patent. This marks a notable 75% increase from their 2008 models. So what is the 6000 series built for? You've guessed right if you answered "speed". The 6000 was engineered to produce and rich details and fluid moving pictures, given the amount of image processing prowess this unit carries.

For our evaluation, we will be reviewing the larger 46-inch iteration, otherwise known by its mouthful 46PFL6605D moniker. A smaller 40-inch variant is available under the same series for those dwelling in a tighter living space. Of course, what sets Philips' TVs apart from the conventional crowd is the incorporation of their very own Ambilights technology. Currently souped up with "Ambilights Spectra 2", those glowing light halos never fail to impress, and more importantly, create the mood in a darkened room with its dynamic color alternations. Other enhancements of the 6605 include the improved Pixel Plus HD engine, 100Hz panel and HD Natural Motion feature designed to reduce motion judder. Unfortunately, the local release lacks a digital tuner unlike their UK counterparts. How will the 6605 stack up? Hit the jump to find out.