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Pentax K-01 review

Pentax K-01 - A Designer Camera

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Overall rating 7.5/10
Works with K-mount lenses
Good image quality
Simple, clean design
Unique design may not appeal to everyone
Bulkier than other mirrorless system cameras

Image Performance & Sample Photographs

Image Performance

Shooting all day with Auto mode might be convenient, but that's not what you want to do with a camera that offers manual controls. The smaller number of control buttons on the K-01 as compared to a DSLR, coupled with the easy-to-navigate menus and large dials, makes the learning curve more forgiving if you're upgrading from a digital compact.

The K-01 comes with the new 40mm f/2.8 pancake lens, which was also designed by Marc Newson. The widest aperture offered by the lens is f/2.8, so the lens should to able to take some good low-light pictures. Focusing is fast, but still does not manage to beat the fastest mirrorless system cameras currently in the market. Also, the camera does encounter instances in low light where the auto-focus slows down, a situation which has traditionally been a challenge for mirrorless system cameras.

Armed with the pancake lens, the K-01 managed to score 2200 LPH for both horizontal and vertical on our image detail resolution test chart, which is a respectable score for an APS-C sensor equipped camera. The K-01 can shoot up to ISO3200, with noise creeping in at ISO400. Images are usable up to ISO1600, after which you will have to determine how badly you want the shot and compromise with the noise and graininess that comes with anything above ISO1600. If you would like to get a feel of the camera's ISO performance, the below are sample photo shots from our ISO testing segment. This time round, we present you field shots instead of our in-house ISO test shots.


Sample Photos

These are sample photographs shot with Pentax K-01. The photos have not been post-processed and are copyright to SPH Magazines. They are provided for your reference only and we ask that you do not reproduce them elsewhere. Click for the full-resolution images.