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Patriot Viper Fin DDR3-1866 PC3-15000 Memory Kit (2GB) review

Patriot Viper Fin PC3-15000 (DDR3-1866) 2GB Kit

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Results - BAPco SYSmark 2007 Preview

Results - BAPco SYSmark 2007 Preview

SYSmark 2004 results showed more or less the same trend with the Viper Fin memory leading the normal Extreme Performance RAM by a few points in every workload. The performance gains were less telling in the 3D and Productivity workloads, but were quite substantial in E-Learning and Video Creation, closely matching the kind of gains we observed going up from the Kingston DDR3-1333.

Since the frequency jump in the Viper Fin memory is really just a small 30MHz, it would seem like there are other XMP optimizations that contribute to such gains.