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Patriot Extreme Performance PC3-15000 2GB Kit (DDR3-1866) review

Patriot Extreme Performance PC3-15000 2GB Kit (DDR3-1866)

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Results - Futuremark PCMark05

Results - Futuremark PCMark05

When working at the same speeds and timing as our Kingston DDR3-1333 memory, the Patriot DDR3-1866 basically showed the same kind of performance numbers in PCMark05. When overclocked, these numbers gained a huge 25-30% improvement. However, do remember that these scores no longer just consist of higher speed memory, but an overall platform boost to 460MHz FSB and a 3.2GHz CPU. This is the reason why people overclock to such high speeds in the first place and these performance figures will serve as yardstick of expectation.