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Patriot Box Office  review

Patriot Box Office - Will It Be a Box Office Hit?

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Overall rating 7.5/10
Good build quality
Compatible with many media formats
Accepts a 2.5-inch HDD
Limited functionality
Bare UI
No Internet services/ widgets


Box Office Features

While not as good-looking or fancy as say, the WD TV Live Hub’s user interface (UI), the Box Office’s UI has a very clean and simple look to it. The home screen will offer you three basic options; File Copy, Browse and Settings. The player does not come with any internal hard drive, but it does offer users to option to install one within. Do take note it only accepts 2.5-inch hard drives. Another point to note is that unlike many newer mid-tier or higher media players, the Box Office does not include any online media channels or services such as Facebook or YouTube, so you social media fanatics and internet junkies will be sorely disappointed.

Focusing on the main menu functions, File Copy is exactly what it says; it allows you to copy files from your external HDD, USB drive or network. However, this is only applicable if you install a hard drive into the player, else you can just play media off the network or attached drive.

Browse allows you to browse through all your media; be it on the internal hard drive you installed, a USB drive, or the network. To traverse through your content, the commonly used subcategories such as All, Music, Photos and Movies are available.

The Settings option will offer you options to tweak the various settings for media playback, such as audio, video, network, system and miscellaneous settings. The options offered may not be as varied as other media players and do not offer as much customization, but they do cover the basics as you can see below.