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Palit 6800GS Blitz review

Palit 6800GS Blitz (GeForce 6800 GS 256MB)

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Extending the Blitz

Extending the Blitz

While the GeForce 6800 GS was only launched late last year, it has quickly endeared itself to price-conscious enthusiasts looking for the best value for their dollar. Equipped with the 0.11-micron NV42 native PCIe core that allowed for higher clock speeds and less 'bulky' than the original NV40, the GeForce 6800 GS offered very competitive performance that more or less matched that of the older GeForce 6800 GT despite having four less pipelines. This has made it quite the fan favorite recommended by many enthusiasts on online forums, especially since the affordable GeForce 6800 GS falls within the sub-US$200 price category unlike the more expensive GeForce 6800 GT. NVIDIA has also committed to replacing the GeForce 6800 GT with its GS cousin, so we should see a constant supply of these cards for the near future. This is only good news for bargain hunters keen to cash in on its attractive performance to price ratio. For those who want something special besides the standard offering, Palit has another alternative, a much faster version that has been tagged with its new 'Blitz' moniker.

Like the other card in its new and burgeoning enthusiast-oriented series, the Palit 7800GT Blitz, the Palit 6800GS Blitz is overclocked out of the box by an impressive amount. Besides the difference in GPU, the PCB and its layout look similar between the two cards. Both cards use the much faster 1.4ns memory chips to enable their staggering overclocks. Even the box design is consistent across both cards, as befitting a new series. Performance-wise, the Palit 7800GT Blitz blew away all the opposition so naturally we have high expectations for the 6800GS Blitz. Before we see if this Blitz could do the same and dominate the GeForce 6800 GS scene, let's first examine its much-vaunted specifications.