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Oki B840dn review

Oki B840dn A3 Mono LED Printer - The Speed of Light

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Overall rating 9/10
Very fast print speed
Good print quality
Good expandability options
Driver installation process can be better

Design & Setup

Getting It Up and Running

To get to the fuser and toner cartridge, simply press the top cover release button located on the left of the front control panel. To remove either of them, just grab the top and pull it upwards. It’s recommended that you clean the LED array (using a clean, lint free cloth and nothing else) whenever a new cartridge is installed, or when you notice faded vertical areas in a printout.

Software installation is a matter of popping in the DVD and following the on-screen prompts; the Oki wizard will guide you through most of the steps. The Windows New Hardware wizard will start too. You can have it automatically search for the drivers, or you can point it to the correct location to speed up the process. Strangely enough, only the PCL driver was installed; we had to install the PostScript driver manually. In addition, the driver didn’t recognize the duplex unit, even after us uninstalling and re-installing the drivers several times. Eventually, we got the duplex function to work by using the drivers downloaded from Oki's website.

During our tests, we didn’t encounter any paper jam. In the case that it does occur, you’ve to rely on the LCD for status and error messages. For the most part, clearing a paper jam (be it at the input, feeding or exit stage) shouldn’t be too difficult, due to easily accessible covers. The user guide provides helpful instructions on how to clear a jam.

Body Elements