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NZXT Phantom review

NZXT Phantom - Cool Angles

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Overall rating 9/10
Excellent cooling potential
Spacious interior
Plastic, glossy exterior can be a fingerprint magnet

Interior Design

Roomy Inside

With a listed depth of 623mm, the NZXT Phantom is extremely spacious inside and supports even E-ATX motherboards. There's plenty of room between the 5.25-inch drive bays and our ATX motherboard and we believe even the longest graphics card now will have ample room, even when considering all the associated cables. While there's no removable motherboard tray, there are numerous cut-outs and rubber grommets for easy access to the bottom of your board (for those times when you need to remove the bottom retention plate of your CPU cooler) while cable management should be a breeze.

Of  course, as with most casings now, tool-free installation is almost a certainty, and besides the motherboard standoffs and their corresponding screws, there is little that you'll need a screwdriver for. The hard drive bays supporting both 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch form factors are all tool-free and the external 5.25-inch bays feature NZXT's own tool-free mechanism. Following current trends, the PSU sits at the bottom, far from the warmer CPU socket. It adds weight to the structure and NZXT has a dedicated vent for cooling the PSU.

Overall, we found the installation process on the NZXT Phantom to be very smooth and simple. There were very few edges inside the chassis and while we tried our best, it would be quite difficult to cut your fingers or hands on the casing, though of course, there's still the risk of cutting yourself on the edge of your motherboard or graphics card.

The tool-free mechanisms helped, but that too is standard fare nowadays in many of the non-budget casings. We did have to use a screwdriver for the motherboard standoffs and the expansion slot thumbscrews were a bit tight at the beginning. As always, the onus of proper cable management lies with the user, but with the Phantom, there's no excuse not to do so with the numerous options offered here.