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NZXT Phantom review

NZXT Phantom - Cool Angles

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Overall rating 9/10
Excellent cooling potential
Spacious interior
Plastic, glossy exterior can be a fingerprint magnet

Exterior Design

Glossy, Beware!

A solid, steel structure is the skeleton for the NZXT Phantom's plastic exterior, though at around 11kg without a power supply, it's relatively light. However, thanks to some rather long strips of rubber-like material at the casing's feet, the Phantom is actually rather stable and it can be quite difficult to drag it about.

Be warned that the exterior's glossy plastic will inevitably be a dust and fingerprint magnet, especially if you choose the black version. While taking photos for this review, we noticed the tendency of the material to attract dust, with styrofoam bits from the packaging clinging stubbornly to its surface.

The Phantom has a rather unique, angular appearance that will attract more than its fair share of attention. These angles are accentuated by faint and subtle LED lights at the top, with the fan controller and power/reset buttons glowing in blue when powered on.


Hidden behind a rather well-constructed front door are the five 5.25-inch external drive bays. The plastic door is thick and solid, leaving us to think that it could even help to dampen noise from your optical drives. Best of all, it doesn't depress under pressure like some others we have seen. A hidden magnet keeps it in place when closed and it is sufficiently strong that it won't pop open if the casing is tilted forward.