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Nokia N97 review

Nokia N97 - A Means to an N

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The N is Here!

If the recent spate of marketing campaigns for the Nokia N97 is any indicator, Nokia has seemingly put all their eggs into one basket with its much-heralded release a few weeks ago. Undoubtedly, the N97 is Nokia's answer to the Palm Pre and the recently released Apple iPhone 3G S. However, history has shown that it's not always the N series device that steals the thunder. Looking back at 2008, the Nokia E71 was the highlight of the year and was overshadowed by the Nokia N96 which didn't bring much to the table.

In 2009, what can one expect from the Finnish mobile communications manufacturer and provider? Provider? Yes, there's also a whole lot of add-ons from Nokia with the roll out of its Nokia Music Store, Nokia Ovi Store, and having its Ovi portal coming to a full circle. Let's not be too hasty to judge them yet and so we move on to the review in proper of the much anticipated N series device for the year - the Nokia N97!