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Nokia N96 review

Nokia N96 - Revealed and Reviewed

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The Succeeding Formula

A successor is defined as "a thing or person that immediately replaces something or someone" in the direct term. But there's much to debate about when one thinks of a successor. Will it be able to live up to its predecessor's name, reputation and performance, or more importantly, can it improve upon and bring further enhancements to a tried and tested formula? Truth is, everything hinges on how a device can uphold the position it held in the past year, and Nokia's latest device on the market, the Nokia N96, is bent on holding onto the success that the Nokia N95 enjoyed during the past year. Whether or not it manages to do so, will be explored in this full review of the latest Symbian S60 device straight from the Nokia production line, so here's another quick look at its specifications before we bring you on a guided tour of the N96's features and performance in this full review.