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Nokia N86 review

Nokia N86 - Late on the Eight

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Eight Months (or More) of Waiting

It's been almost a year since the first mobile phone with an eight-megapixel camera sensor from the likes of Samsung and Sony Ericsson was introduced to consumers - a year that is long in the making of Nokia's first similar device, the Nokia N86. Some might say it's a tad too late, and have commented that Nokia is losing foot in a market it once dominated. The truth is harsh, but it's as real as it gets - Nokia seems to be facing a dilemma of sorts on its efforts to manage both its new suite of services and hardware offerings, but let's hope it ends soon.

With the fast and furious pace at which its competitors are launching the latest devices in the face of the ever insatiable tech consumer, will Nokia be able to grab back the top-end market share that was once enjoyed by their N-series device? To answer that question, we embark on a pictorial journey with the Nokia N86, and check out what its 8-megapixel Carl Zeiss Tessar lens and its varying aperture feature to see if it can win our hearts once more.