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Better than Before

Better than Before

Announced earlier this week at the Nokia Connections 2009 (just before CommunicAsia) was the spanking new Nokia E72, the successor to the popular Nokia E71.

The Nokia E72 is powered by S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2, though with a number of enhancements built-in, one of which is the new Nokia Messaging client, as well as a free lifetime Walk license for Nokia Maps. One interesting point to note here is that the North American release of the E71 (dubbed the E71x) also sports S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2, while the E71 everywhere else only has the Feature Pack 1 version. On the question of Nokia releasing a software update for the E71 to bring it up to speed, we'll just have to wait and see.

Back to the E72, in terms of aesthetics, it retains most of what made the E71 special. Though there are some slight tweaks to the overall design, it is enough to make the E72 look (and feel) like a whole new animal. The E72 is also a whole lot less shiny than the E71, as the newer device sports a brushed metal finish on the main shortcut keys only while it's finished in matte plastic all around. While this ends up taking away the 'Ooh, shiny' impression, the end result is that the E72 looks a great deal more professional.

The overall heft of the E72 remains much the same, as Nokia's specifications state a weight of 128g versus 127g on the E71. On the other hand, the E72 does feel a little different in the hand as compared to the E71, despite having nearly identical dimensions.

The keyboard on the E72's also been moved down a little, in favor of larger shortcut buttons (fat-thumbed users rejoice!) and the optical navigation key. The optical navigation key is rather sensitive, and takes a bit of getting used to, though we'd prefer if Nokia had included some way to adjust the sensitivity. Shortcut lovers will be glad to note that there's a clearly labeled shortcut on the keyboard to enable (or disable) Bluetooth. The QWERTY keypad on the E72 has slightly larger keys, and in contrast to the E71, a much shorter space bar. The larger keys definitely made emails and messaging much more comfortable, and despite being a great deal smaller, the space bar wasn't at all tough to get used to.