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Nokia E72 review

Nokia E72 - Enjoying the Upgrade

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Nokia's New Message

Somehow, we see history repeating itself once more. A year ago, the Nokia E71 stole the thunder from its very own flagship model, the Nokia N96. That didn't came as a surprise to us, seeing as how the E71 had gotten it right with its high battery mileage, great usability and astounding looks.

This year, the Nokia N97 garnered some mixed reactions from us. As glad as we were that the N97 represents Nokia's eventual approach into the touch screen market, it came too late and had much firmware issues that marred an otherwise great experience on the flagship model. And thus, we are placing all bets on the Nokia E72. Will the E72 prove to be the definitive Nokia device for 2009, or just another addition to Nokia's ordinary line-up for the year?

We're happy to say it's actually mostly positive in our opinion, but read on for our full assessment and whether the upgrades incorporated on the E72 are ideal for you.