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NEC Versa S5200 review

NEC Versa S5200 Centrino Duo Notebook

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The NEC Versa S5200

The NEC Versa S5200

The office disposition of the Versa S5200 was immediately obvious from its two-toned color scheme of silver and black shades. A combination of bold straight lines and angled edges and a light 1.9kg mass further defines the user group that the Versa S5200 was designed to satisfy. Though the notebook may appear to be manufactured entirely out of plastic, do rest assure that the LCD panel is actually firmly reinforced in place by a sheet of metal. Build quality was desirably pleasing with no odd protrusions, creaks or anything of that sort, but even so, the notebook did not exhibit a classy feel considering its Japanese badge. It could even be argued that the latch design on the LCD has made the notebook appear dated by today's standards.

No compromises were made as far as input/output connections were concerned. All common connections can all be found around the chassis of the 14-inch notebook. Consumers can expect to find four USB 2.0 ports, a mini-Firewire jack and two PCMCIA slots for peripheral expansion and storage. This high volume of connectivity ports would be better appreciated if we were to compare the NEC Versa S5200 with another 14-inch notebook such as the Gigabyte N411, for which the latter only has two USB 2.0 ports and one mini-Firewire jack for expansion purposes (although it must be clarified that the two notebooks are in different categories).

Audio output comes in the form of an earphone jack and a pair of stereo speakers loaded right upfront for clearer audibility, which is a good design move considering that the speakers are somewhat underpowered. Video output on the other hand is facilitated by a D-Sub port and an S-Video jack in addition to the attached SXGA+ low temperature Poly-Silicon (LTPS) LCD primary screen. In fact, the only feature the Versa S5200 lacks is an onboard memory card reader, which was a rather puzzling omission given that most manufacturers include card readers as standard fare.