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NEC V300XG Projector review

NEC V300XG Projector - A Text & Multimedia All-in-One

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NEC V300XG Projector

This article first appeared in HWM Sep 2011.

A Text & Multimedia All-in-One.

Like people everywhere, projectors are being asked to do more for less. In this case it’s a good thing (for the user at least), as the NEC V300XG turns out to be a capable workhorse for both office and multimedia tasks. The projector is relatively light at 2.5kg, and it can be easily carried around and also installed in most locations with ease.

The V300XG follows in NEC’s traditional projector aesthetic, a clean white box with minimal buttons. The onboard controls respond well, except for the Source button which feels slow and can be frustrating for people used to instant responses in the Twitter age.

The projector’s 3000 ANSI lumens throw a brilliantly bright image, which shows up strongly even in a lit room. The image is sharp and defined, serving even the smallest text well; text set in Arial at 6.8 points still looked clear and defined.

Movies are rendered beautifully, with detail in the dark blacks still showing. The rainbow effect, a side-effect of single-chip DLP technology, can be seen while playing movies, which blemishes the overall quality somewhat, but isn’t seriously heavy. You might not even see it though; the brief flashes of red, blue and green patches that seem to move across the screen, especially in high contrast scenes – some people see them, some don’t. The onboard speakers are strong and loud, and will definitely fill an entire boardroom.

For eco-friendly users, the V300XG has a carbon meter for visualizing how well you’re saving the earth today. The meter shows you the reduced amount of carbon dioxide emissions if you use Eco Mode to run the projector, as compared to using it with Eco Mode off.

At S$1,199, the NEC V300XG is an inexpensive, portable projector, which does as well with text as it does with moving pictures and sound.