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MSI P965 Platinum review

MSI P965 Platinum (Intel P965)

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Not too long ago, we took a look at the budget side of things when we reviewed MSI's P965 Neo motherboard. Based on the Intel Broadwater platform, the P965 Neo proved to be a stable and reliable workhorse for the mainstream desktop PC. However, its lack of features and limited overlcocking capability did not make it such an appealing motherboard for enthusiasts. However, MSI does offer a beefier P965 motherboard under their Platinum series and the P965 Platinum is designed to take over where the P965 Neo leaves off.

Since MSI is one of the more prominent motherboard manufacturers around, we've decided to give the P965 Platinum a go to see if it offers a better value than the P965 Neo for users who will be transitioning towards the Intel Core 2 processor.