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MSI P35 Platinum review

MSI P35 Platinum (Intel P35)

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MSI is one of the top tier motherboard manufacturers in the consumer PC industry, but there is no mistaking 2006 as the year that ASUS and Gigabyte took most of the limelight. Gigabyte's marketing machine pushed the whole solid capacitor design into high gear while ASUS flooded the market with specialized target focus motherboard models such as the TeleSky and Republic of Gamers. Both manufacturers also drew a lot of attention with an announced alliance (which didn't last), but most importantly, they made exciting motherboards that kept the market fresh. MSI on the other hand, was focusing more on their graphics card business.

With the launch of Intel's new Bearlake chipset family however, MSI has gone all serious about their next generation motherboards and as we've seen in our P35 preview, they do have some interesting designs on hand. Since we've already shown you all the juicy details of the MSI P35 Platinum in the said preview (which you can view here if you've not done so yet), we'll go right into what we think of the motherboard and of course, glorious benchmarks.