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MSI GX600 Gaming Notebook review

MSI GX600 Gaming Notebook (Intel Santa Rosa)

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Made for Gamers

Made for Gamers

The MSI GX600 - made for gamers, or at least MSI's idea of what gamers are looking for in a gaming notebook. The end result is a piano black finish with fiery decals, which while not particularly creative, doesn't seem like a bad choice. However, the actual product is not as enticing as it sounds, with the rather loud and blatant 'flames' emanating from the usual circular MSI logo in all four directions. Personally, it's not our cup of tea but then there's no accounting for taste and we know of people who love the design as well. On a more practical note, the shiny black chassis is quite the fingerprint magnet, though that would describe just about any consumer electronics product nowadays.

Ignoring its exterior appearance, the GX600 does seem to have its act together when it comes to gaming. The keyboard is comfortable and with a full sized Numpad, we have no complaints about its usability, especially for gamers who need all their keys. We also liked the matte LCD display. All too often, we have seen glossy screens preferred in notebooks, which to us, only meant unwanted reflections and in some cases, poor viewing angles, especially in a lighted environment. That would definitely be bad news for a gamer. While matte displays may not be as vibrant as a glossy screen, they work in any environment. The MSI GX600 comes with a 15.4-inch WXGA (1440 x 900) panel with MSI Amazing Crystal Vision technology. While not as bright as some of the more high-end panels we've seen, the GX600 is really quite decent.

Moving on to the much touted Turbo mode on the GX600. Akin to a revived version of the Turbo buttons found on PCs of bygone days, the one on the MSI GX600 will instantly push the FSB frequency from its default 200MHz to 240MHz, effectively overclocking the system and the processor. Since it is only an FSB boost, don't expect the graphics processor to get bumped up too. A less than pleasing side effect of this Turbo mode is how the noise level produced by the notebook will also increase quite dramatically as more cooling will be required, though perhaps inevitable if you really want the power.

Sound is another feature that gamers would be looking out for but unfortunately, it's not a strength of the GX600. Unlike multimedia and entertainment notebooks, it seems that manufacturers put less emphasis on the audio aspect of a gaming notebook. The speakers on the GX600 generally do loud volumes decently but there is a lack of a pounding bass for those explosive in-game moments. In short, it's quite unremarkable.