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MSI GX600 Gaming Notebook review

MSI GX600 Gaming Notebook (Intel Santa Rosa)

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Not too long ago, gaming on a notebook (and we don't mean Solitaire here) was an alien concept. Only the very best and expensive models were capable of emulating their desktop counterparts for demanding 3D games; the majority were still associated with work and business use. Since then, notebooks have grown in stature and performance and are increasingly replacing desktops in roles like multimedia entertainment and gaming.

With specifications that are potentially equal to any desktop, this new breed of notebooks is not just about portability anymore, and manufacturers have responded to the expanded usage of the notebook by issuing models that are targeted to different kinds of consumers. One such group includes those who have a passion for games and even mainstream manufacturers like Dell and HP have joined in the act. Seeing such a trend, MSI has also decided it's time to make a big splash and spearheading this initiative is the fiery red GX600 gaming notebook, featuring a unique Turbo mode to instantly boost performance even more.