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MSI GT70 review

MSI GT70 Gaming Notebook – A Fully Tuned Gaming Beast (Updated!)

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Overall rating 8/10
Steelseries Keyboard
Killer Gaming NIC
Good performance
Blu-ray burner.
Shallow viewing angles
Big footprint

Gaming Benchmarks - Far Cry 2, Dirt 3 & Crysis 2

Gaming Benchmarks

Far Cry 2

In our Far Cry 2 benchmark, the MSI GT70 was a little disappointing, failing to keep up with the Dell M17X R3. We were expecting the GeForce GTX 670M on the MSI machine to match-up with the previous generation GeForce GTX 580M. However, in terms of actual gameplay it was excellent, with average frame rates maintaining well above the 60FPS target on both Medium and Very High settings. Minimum FPS on Very High settings dipped down to 54FPS at its lowest (during a scene with multiple explosions), which was still very acceptable. 


Dirt 3

Moving on to a more taxing DX11 enabled game, the MSI GT70 was still underperforming against the Dell M17X R3, lagging behind by about 10% on High settings and 20% on Ultra settings. While there wasn't much difference at High settings between the two machines in terms of actual user experience, at Ultra settings, gameplay on the GT70 was noticeably more choppy, with frame rates falling as low as 24FPS in some areas.

Unfortunately the Samsung 700G7A was not available for either Dirt 3 or Crysis 2 game re-tests, but we the results so-far should give you an idea of where the GeForce GTX 670M in the MSI GT70 stands against the competitors.


Crysis 2

In our toughest gaming benchmark, the MSI GT70 was finally competitive with the Dell M17X R3, and actually slightly outperformed the Alienware on both presets. While gaming wasn't perfect, even at High (which is the lowest preset setting), it was playable, with frame rates mostly hovering around the high 50s. Both machines suffered during a highly explosive shootout, which resulted in FPS dropping to the mid 30s, hurting their overall average scores.

At Extreme, both machines struggled, dropping down to about 15FPS during the shootout. Despite holding a 7% performance lead on benchmark results, the GT70 was no better than the M17X R3 in actual gameplay.