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MSI GT70 review

MSI GT70 Gaming Notebook – A Fully Tuned Gaming Beast (Updated!)

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Overall rating 8/10
Steelseries Keyboard
Killer Gaming NIC
Good performance
Blu-ray burner.
Shallow viewing angles
Big footprint

Battery Performance and Portability Index

Battery Performance

Gaming notebooks aren't exactly designed to be road warriors and the GT70 is no exception. At a hefty 3.9kg, only the most dedicated of LAN gamers will be carrying the GT70 out and about. However, if you do find yourself stuck without power, MSI has supplied the GT70 with a 9 cell, 11.1V 87Wh battery, which is pretty much comparable with the other notebooks put together for comparison in this review.

Gaming Notebooks Compared
Specifications / Notebook MSI GT70 Dell Alienware M17X R3 Samsung Series 7 700G7A
Battery 11.1V / 87Wh 11.1V / 90Wh 15.1V / 89Wh
Dimensions 428 x 288 x 55mm 405 x 321 x 51 / 53mm 407.5 x 267 x 39.8 / 49.9mm
Weight 3.9 kg 5.3 kg 3.5 kg

The days of sub one hour battery lives are long behind us with the GT70 lasting an impressive two and a half hours at half brightness/audio in our DVD looping battery test -over 30 minutes longer than the Dell M17X R3, and a full hour longer than the Samsung 700G7A. This substantial increase in battery life is definitely thanks to the GT70's Ivy Bridge processor, which has much lower power consumption compared to its Sandy Bridge predecessors. Additionally, the new generation high-end GeForce GTX 670 is also more power efficient than competitors from last year and no doubt contributed to the better battery life.

In our Power Consumption chart below, you can clearly see how much better the power consumption is on the GT70 compared to its competitors, both of which are using older Sandy Bridge processors and last generation GPUs.


Portability Index

Make no mistake, the MSI GT70 is not a small machine. At just under 4kg, and with an extra thick 55mm profile, you'll need an extra big backpack if you want to carry it around. While it's saved somewhat by its very good battery life, it still scores an index under 0.1 on our Portability Index which relegates it to near the bottom of the table along with the other gaming monsters. 

Compared to the Dell M17X R3 and the Samsung 700G7A (both of which are also big, heavy machines), the MSI GT70 may have ranked closer to the Samsung unit (thanks to its battery life), but its actual footprint is closer to the super-heavy M17X R3. 

Our recommendation? Leave this one at home on your desk where it belongs.