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MSI FX600 review

MSI FX600 - Making Multimedia Sense

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Overall rating 8/10
Decent sound system
Full HD screen
Very affordable
Raw performance and trackpad could be better

Interior FX

"Interior FX"

Upon opening the lid of the MSI FX600, you would find yourselves staring at the 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution glossy screen. Sure, it comes in Full HD, but we're no fans of this glossy trend (which you should know by now if you've been following our reviews). We're guessing most consumers like it, but feel free do drop us a line if you feel otherwise so that we know we're not alone.

Apart from the glossy screen though, we noted that viewing angles were very limited. You really had to be seated in front of the screen to view anything off it clearly. For a multimedia notebook, this doesn't really bode well, as you will most likely want to share and watch videos together on the notebook. Any slight movement of your head off the center though and everything starts looking 'strange' with the usual color shifts and poor clarity.

Keyboard wise, we've no complaints, the chiclet keyboard does the job well, but the trackpad seems to have gained some 'artificial intelligence', and seems to have the habit of clicking by itself even when your fingers are still on the trackpad. It can be quite fustrating especially if you're performing plenty of sweeping and dragging movements on screen and having to redo them because of the accidental clicks. This finding however, could be a localized issue to our review unit as we've not yet heard of this from other users and it might have manifested from poor logistics handling from overseas.

Audio wise though, MSI has outfitted the notebook with four speakers, though there's no sub-woofer in sight. This does make the bass notes sound hollow, but the highs are pretty clear. The virtual surround function works pretty well and if you're seated at the center position, you'll be able to watch your movies with pretty good spatial sound effects (well, good enough for a notebook).