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Motorola Milestone XT review

Motorola Milestone XT - Mobile Movie Mania

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Overall rating 7.5/10
Solid build quality
Generous screen size
HDMI-out for bigger display options
Slight lag in interface speeds
Dropped frames during 720p video recording
Poor imaging results from 8-megapixel camera

Overview & Design

Heavy Metal Android

Over the past six months, we've seen Motorola at its finest with the Motorola Milestone, and at times questionable ones such as the BackFlip. Whatever the case, the situation is clear - Motorola is back in the game. Taking its lineup to the next level is the new Motorola Milestone XT, an extension of its first Android device, the Motorola Milestone. While the original Milestone's unique proposition was its Android 2.1 operating system offering, the Milestone XT needed to up the ante further from its earlier sibling. As such, this new Android 2.1 device is armed with a plethora of features that might put the original Milestone to shame. This includes an 8-megapixel camera sensor accompanied by a Xenon flash and an upgraded ARM Cortex A8 720MHz processor.

Before we dive into the hardware, let's give an overview of its exterior. The Milestone XT has a shiny metallic touch to its borders, with four touch sensitive buttons located below its 3.7-inch screen with a display resolution of 854 x 480 pixels. Relatively speaking, the Milestone XT is definitely heftier than other devices of similar class, as apparent with its 160g weight. Somewhat similar to its earlier sibling, the Milestone uses a copious amount of metal in its design, mostly noticeable along its borders.

The Milestone XT's form factor differs slightly from the usual we've seen. On the right profile, the border is slightly jutted out as it houses the camera and a button that switches through the various multimedia features such as gallery, camera, and camcorder. You'll also notice three small LED indicators which lets you know if you're accessing the gallery or the camera on the Milestone XT.