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Motorola DEXT MB220 review

Motorola DEXT - Reviving MOTO

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Welcome Back, MOTO

It has been a long and trying period for Motorola. In 2009, the company almost vanished into oblivion with its lack of product updates, amidst the turmoil of a shaky economy compounded by its financial woes.

Moving on into the new decade, Motorola is making a renewed effort for its lineup. In a quick turn of events, the mobile manufacturer is now putting all its eggs in one basket with Google and Android. If one were to attribute the return of the MOTO, it has to be the DROID by Motorola, also otherwise known as the Motorola Milestone in areas operating GSM networks.

But before we do give you a taste of the Milestone, we explore something more down-to-earth: a low-tiered Android device by the name of Motorola DEXT. What you'll probably be wondering is, why bother? Because, within the DEXT, there's quite a number of tricks up its sleeves, and you'll learn all about it in the next few pages.