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Motorola Defy review

Motorola Defy - Compact Durability

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Overall rating 7/10
Tough, durable yet compact
Resizable widgets and 3G mobile hotspot
Very affordable price point for its features
Still on Google Android 2.1 instead of Android 2.2
Sluggish performance with heavy multi-tasking
Low battery stamnia

Overview & Design

In Defiance

Earlier on, we've had some hands-on time with the Motorola Defy. And as they say, first impressions are important. As we looked at the specifications and what the Defy has to offer, we were initially impressed by it. Positioned as a smartphone with above average features, the Defy's real appeal lies with its compact form factor. You'll find the Defy to be relatively easy on the hands. However, handling can be a very subjective matter. Since it shares the same display size as the HTC Desire, a quick check amongst the Desire users had them favoring the HTC device over the Defy.

The Motorola device, as implied by its name, defies the elements from wearing and tearing it. Firstly, there's the Gorilla Glass display to consider. This scratch-resistant display isn't new, yet it is undeniably a practical addition, given the amount of time your phone spends in a pocket that might be filled with other items.

The device is locked down tightly across every inch of its body. As such, you won't find a single seam for water to seep in, which supports its waterproof claim of up to 1 meter. From the rear, the battery is well protected by the casing, which is locked down via a slider.

This is also where we had some problems with the Defy's usability, especially with the microUSB port and 3.5mm audio jack. Both ports are tightly sealed by a plastic cover, and you'll have to exert a considerable amount of effort to yank it free. Similarly, sealing the ports will require you to snap the covers tightly back in, lest it's left exposed to any potential water leakage.

Physical buttons are mainly on the left profile for the power and volume control, while you get four touch sensitive buttons on the front just below its 3.7-inch screen to access the menu, home, back and search functions. Unfortunately, we had a hard time with the flushed physical buttons. This was more so for the power button, which was located right smack at the top center of the device.