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Antec ISK300-65 Mini-ITX Casing review

The Little One - Antec ISK300-65 Mini-ITX Casing

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A New Beginning

A New Beginning

Mini-ITX motherboards, while decidedly still a niche market, are gaining popularity and interest these days thanks to Intel's Atom and NVIDIA Ion platform. These two innovations have made it possible to build small, relatively efficient and adequately capable systems, making them popular amongst HTPC enthusiasts and those setting up simple compact systems. However, despite their accumulating popularity, mini-ITX enclosures are few and far between. Fortunately, California-based computer peripheral specialist, Antec, believes that the increasing popularity of mini-ITX motherboards is significant enough to warrant a creation of a whole new line of casings. So behold, the ISK series is born and among the first of them is this ISK300-65 which we've chosen for review.

On first impressions, we were surprised at how compact the ISK300-65 is. It is one of the smallest casings we've ever come across and is roughly the size of a shoebox. However, its small size also means that it has some special requirements in terms of components that can be used with it (more on that later). To add on, you may call us boring, but we thought that the ISK300-65 looks rather good with its simplistic, understated design. So to begin, let us first take a look at the specifications of this wondrously small casing.