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LITE-ON SHM-165H6S Internal DVD Writer review

LITE-ON SHM-165H6S Internal DVD Writer

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DVD-ROM Benchmark

DVD-ROM Benchmark

Here, we go through some figures to better understand the read capabilities of the LITE-ON drive using Nero DVD Speed. This is tested with two commercially pressed DVD-ROMs (a single-layer and a dual-layer) and four recordable DVD media (DVD-R. DVD-RW, DVD+R and DVD+RW).

Compared to other drives, the LITE-ON is not the fastest when it comes to read speed. It is competent enough such that it managed 12x speed on average for a few occasions though its peak speed at the end rarely hit the stated 16x. On the bright side, CPU usage was accordingly low and 3% utilization was the highest it hit. Meanwhile, seek times were also typical of DVD writers of its caliber and not particularly outstanding.