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Lian Li PC-V354 review

Lian Li PC-V354 - Electric Screwdriver Recommended

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Overall rating 8/10
Lightweight aluminum casing
Able to fit long graphics cards
Installation or maintenance process involves many screws

Exterior Design

Exterior Design

Over the years, Lian Li has stuck with its boxy, aluminum designs and the V354 doesn't deviate from this formula. Some will no doubt find the design too bland, but at least the manufacturer has tried to jazz it up somewhat with LED fans that glow in either red or blue. As the V354 comes in three colors of black, red and silver, the front LED lights too will vary to complement the chassis color.

This full, anodized aluminum case comes with four stylish stands that would not be out of place besides your other home theater equipment. It is equipped with a single external 5.25-inch drive bay for a single optical drive. Given its target market, users are unlikely to feel the lack of any hot-swappable external 3.5-inch bays for hard drives. Considering how tightly packed this small case may end up, we rather go with the two included front 120mm fans in the enclosure than an external 3.5-inch bay(s).

The V354 may look like a plain box, but the brushed aluminum gives it a classy feel. Personally, we'll turn off those distracting LED lights if it's meant to be a home theater PC (HTPC), but those who intend to build a LAN gaming machine may have other ideas. The only problem we see here so far is the number of screws securing the side panels.