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Lian Li PC-A77 Full Tower review

Lian Li PC-A77 Full Tower

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Love at First Sight

Love at First Sight

It's something of an urban legend that you will instinctively recognize your soul mate when you meet him/her; your heart starts fluttering, your eyes start glazing in desire and you start asking how much the casing costs.

How much it costs, you ask, confused. What?

We're referring to, of course, Lian Li's newest casing, the PC-A77. It's so spanking new that it's not even on their website, nor could we reliably get the pricing details from Lian Li. What we do know is that this full tower casing comes all ready and raring for some serious DIY setup. As the usual characteristic with Lian Li's chassis, the PC-A77 is lightweight but sturdy thanks to the aluminum used in its construction.

Furthermore, the PC-A77's clean lines and looks are a hallmark of Lian Li's top notch design aesthetics which as always, left us wanting for more. But enough gushing from us, let's take a look at the specifications of this fine chassis before we start inspecting this beauty all over.