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Lian Li PC-A10 Aluminum Casing review

Lian Li PC-A10 Aluminum Casing

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Exterior Design Part 1

Exterior Design Part 1

The PC-A10 is almost completely aluminum and in the chill of our office, the anodized surface feels both smooth and cold. The minimalist design is characteristic of the company and makes the PC-A10 a spiritual twin of Antec's P180 . Not everyone will find this bland style appealing but if you're into the whole Zen aesthetics, this casing will strike a chord and probably blend into your home. However, you would be well warned not to approach this casing with anything remotely pointed or metallic, for we managed to scratch the surface with some of our hardware components accidentally. These scratch marks can be quite unsightly and hard to conceal considering the mostly black exterior. The silver version of this case should stand better in this aspect.

With a height of 535mm, Lian Li's latest full tower fully deserves its classification. It even lords over another recent full tower that we just reviewed, the impressive Gigabyte 3D Aurora 570 though the Aurora does have a greater depth. Like many casings, the PC-A10 has a front door that opens to reveal its seven 5.25-inch external drive bays; this also enables you to hide any old and yellowing beige drives behind that big black door. This door is solidly constructed and swings open towards your left. While that is the typical orientation for many a casing, there are some that allow you to change the direction. However, the presence of a lock for the door probably makes that idea unworkable.

In case you're thinking about the ventilation issues involved as the door is a solid piece without any ventilation holes, Lian Li has done something similar to the Antec P180, which was to have ventilation slits at the sides of the door, including the hinged side. The insides of the door are also lined with rubber noise dampeners, so as to minimize noise while closing the door and to prevent noise from 'leaking' out of the casing.