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Lian Li PC-A10 Aluminum Casing review

Lian Li PC-A10 Aluminum Casing

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Lightweight and corrosion resistant. These are the unique properties that have made aluminum one of the most versatile and useful metals in our modern world. From the ubiquitous aluminum soft drink cans that litter our streets to the aluminum alloys found in airplanes, we depend heavily on this metal. It is also a good thermal conductor and hence, it has become quite a popular material for casings. Aluminum is relatively more expensive than steel so manufacturers either use it sparingly or only for their high-end models. But despite the seemingly niche market, there is that one company that has become synonymous with this material for casings - Lian Li.

If it's a Lian Li, it's got to be aluminum. That is practically a truism as this Taiwanese company's love affair with this metal continues despite more than 20 years in the business, a salient fact that says much about the quality of its products. Lian Li offers solely aluminum based products and these are not exactly inexpensive either, yet enthusiasts have kept coming back to the company's classic and minimalist designs. Now, these fans have another choice when it comes to Lian Li casings. The Lian Li PC-A10 has arrived in our labs and seems to be the company's flagship full tower. There are not that many casings of this size in the market for enthusiasts so how does it compare to the competition like the Cooler Master Stacker or the Gigabyte 3D Aurora 570?